miercuri, 13 iulie 2011


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Holiday thoughts

image I do not know if Holiday caught the train to France ... or a train to another destination ... but the Holiday has stop in Romania Train Station for our children. It is a well deserved reward for their efforts throughout the school year. Ana was in training camp for gymnastic - a good appreciation of her efforts of this year and her results in all competitions. Andrew and Matthew were helping their grandfather to build a terrace. Now when I write, our kids, are practicing their skills in swimming pool ... Compete every day, which they managed to swallow the largest amount of water during training. (Ana-Maria led yesterday!)

vineri, 10 iunie 2011

Goldie the Duckling



Goldie was yesterday after earthworms ... out of the bushes a ghost cat  from neighborhood caught in its sharp fangs our flock of fluff. Matthew was with Goldie scratching in soaked soil after earthworms. He was surprised by the cat, but with a quick reflex grabbed the cat from its rough back. Goldie's start to peep full of fear. Thrown down with abomination, the cat, practically fly in in the bush ready for new cat adventures.
At dinner, our kids random thoughts and plotting revenge for all the cat’s family!

vineri, 3 iunie 2011

Parent workshops



This is a project for which we pray from a while ...
Lord surprised us with a huge door opening for Gospel. A teacher, who participated in some of our events for families, she asked to speak to her director of the school and allow for us to talk in a front of the parents of her class about the subject: Parents - role models for their children. The school's director was so enthusiast and allowed us, as a test, to attend at the class with this topic for parents. But another teacher from same institution called us in her class, also, to give the same speech at her parent’s class. Therefore, 44 parents have heard the message of Adi on models chosen by children.
Pray that in the autumn to find more schools in the country opens for this project.



For three days, 21 missionary families attended at the first conference on parenting that we organized like FamilyLife Romania.In the parenting conference we were very encouraged by the comments of the families:

“I liked to see practical things (projects for them). I learned that the anger has no place in the process of the discipline and the discipline means training for the future.”

“I learned that I need to offer to my kids, choices and alternatives because they need to have liberty to choose. Also I learned that sometimes misbehaving could be because of some needs (hunger, tiredness, the lack of attention or love).  I want to take time to observe my kids to see what it gives misbehaving of my children.”

Always romantic



We started a cycle of family meetings in Cluj.
We ate together, played, we laughed a lot, and the participants have testified that besides the fact that they had a good time together was, also, good for them to understand differences between men and women and this improved their marriage...