joi, 28 aprilie 2011

I love this …

“The main lesson is the need to tell people the truth, because the world is so fragile and we are so inter-dependent, that any attempt to hide the truth ends in tragedy”, said the Russian head of state, during a ceremony at the Kremlin...Share the truth!

luni, 18 aprilie 2011

Gymnastic National Contest

One of the very good value in ​​gymnastic is your opportunity to compete against yourself and against others. Giving opportunity often losing in a sporting manner and win in a graceful manner ... this is the reason to choice gymnastic for Ana-Maria because we would be seen good qualities to develop in her character.


Ana-Maria two days ago was at the Romanian National Championships of Gymnastics Sports Club. In a contest that was attended by fourteen gym clubs. I was in the hall to see the contest. Many of the girls fell on beam like Ana-Maria (Ana's favorite device is the beam!). They were hard to move on. This contest was a good opportunity for me and my daughter. It will snivel or she will rise, after a fail, and give the best to the next item on the floor or to the beam? We have seen failure can be a strong ally to plant the good qualities in her life. Is so needed to build a strong and robust character than a medal awarded by chance or unfair advantage.

For me, like a parent, to observe all reactions in my daughter after she fell on a beam and floor-was so amazing. She lost points on the score sheet, but in my eyes, she found a table on which was inscribed the highest grade of competition 14.000 a maximum note for champion attitude…O, Christ, you done everything well in me and in my daughter!

vineri, 8 aprilie 2011

miercuri, 6 aprilie 2011

The light under the blanket


Right now several highly publicized divorces in Romania are from Romanian VIP world. 

the richest man and his very young ex-wife Divorce one of the richest men in the country, Irinel, of his younger wife.

Also, a Latin music singer, Pepe, who divorced - his wife, Oana, cheated on him.
oana si pepe

The darkness of the world is published for lifting media rating and is considered good the more sinful and darker is to increase the rating points.

These days we  talking with some couples  about the need to follow Christ to be followed by other couples. In the middle of our meeting (46 couples), an older family celebrated 43 years of marriage ... It was great to celebrate this event in their lives, but only us we knew and enjoy about this celebration! ... “Light” and her good works are sometimes hidden from the rest of the people with “body of saints”. We cover the light with a blanket of our “good intentions”.

In Cluj, in 2010, 18,007 divorces were pronounced and only 4363 were married ... need is urgent and huge.

Starting from this week we begin a series of meetings on: Always Romantic and this week is about the differences between girls and boys ... A encounter with good humorous and very good content. After this series of meetings we want to open several Home Builders groups, we want for couples from secular world to know the Lord and to transform their lives and their marriage.
Mereuromanticifararecomandari copy
  Meeting banner in Romanian language.