luni, 18 aprilie 2011

Gymnastic National Contest

One of the very good value in ​​gymnastic is your opportunity to compete against yourself and against others. Giving opportunity often losing in a sporting manner and win in a graceful manner ... this is the reason to choice gymnastic for Ana-Maria because we would be seen good qualities to develop in her character.


Ana-Maria two days ago was at the Romanian National Championships of Gymnastics Sports Club. In a contest that was attended by fourteen gym clubs. I was in the hall to see the contest. Many of the girls fell on beam like Ana-Maria (Ana's favorite device is the beam!). They were hard to move on. This contest was a good opportunity for me and my daughter. It will snivel or she will rise, after a fail, and give the best to the next item on the floor or to the beam? We have seen failure can be a strong ally to plant the good qualities in her life. Is so needed to build a strong and robust character than a medal awarded by chance or unfair advantage.

For me, like a parent, to observe all reactions in my daughter after she fell on a beam and floor-was so amazing. She lost points on the score sheet, but in my eyes, she found a table on which was inscribed the highest grade of competition 14.000 a maximum note for champion attitude…O, Christ, you done everything well in me and in my daughter!

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