sâmbătă, 21 mai 2011

Under the influence


During his days as a heavy drinker, George got into a fight in a bar and killed a man. He was sentenced to ten years behind bars. Meanwhile, his wife not only raised their children, but she also found new life in Jesus. George heard of it while in prison and decided that when he got out, he would kill his wife for her conversion. But she invited him to go with her to a FamilyLife marriage conference.

"I went with bad intentions," said George. "I wanted revenge on those who had influenced my wife. But as I listened to the messages, I realized that God was speaking to me personally. At the end of the conference, I went to the FamilyLife leaders and asked them for help. I needed to know how to ask my wife for forgiveness and how to become a follower of Jesus. I began to go to church and to follow Jesus daily. My life is changed now. I’m no longer under the influence of alcohol, but of Jesus."

miercuri, 11 mai 2011

Huge opportunity

Yesterday I received a call from a teacher from a huge school in Cluj(the city where we live!).
This teacher with her ​​husband ... participated in a home group  for families. Their married life was radically transformed by God, her husband was baptized in January and they experience now the beauty of fellowship in Christ as a family ...

So, I wrote that she gave me the phone yesterday ... At the phone she announced me that wants to invite me to a meeting of parents(her class) ... she want from me to talk about parenting and their important role as models for children ... Other teachers from her school were delighted with what she want to do and they want the same thing. They talked with the school director and the school director was very excited by this idea. Tuesday she want to meet me in her office and to begin a lasting partnership that would help parents learn about their role in family life and how they can be models for their children.