vineri, 18 martie 2011

The facilities technology provide are considerable, but ...


One advertising videos for mobile phone company from Romania use humor on the situation between direct communication and technologic communication used by Smartphone or mobile phone.

That kind of joke is relevant right now because a bunch of families where the parents chat with children or send them a message to tell them that dinner is ready. Or send the
SMS, MMS to change the clean the table is need to call the wife from the restroom...Direct dialogue seems to be boring, outdated and on verge of extinction?
It seems absurd, but many parents say are increasingly turning to the computer to have a coherent conversation with their children even being in their own house!

Communication technology tends sometimes to exceed the threshold of normality, because many people are found today in front of paradoxical situation changing a few words directly with members of their families.

As long as it is only a complementary part of the direct communication between people, technological communication without doubt is not a negative phenomenon.
It is clear that a conversation through a computer or Smartphone can’t replace direct communication between people.

What features are missing by communication technology? Mimicry, tactile, human perception of physical presence...

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