marți, 15 martie 2011

Some news with images


Prepare for pasturage-Bees leave the hives ... it's time to clean the body, strengthen their wings. 

I want to be clean and sanctified by the truth at you word ready for every good work ...

First blades of grass
After a hard winter the sun have more power…

God give me a tongue like this grass, to speak the truth(sword) at your word in this cold world!
DSC04094 We start to see melted snow -flows in a small streams.

O, please God melt my heart and flood other lives with living waters…
Our lovely duck “Limbi” . We expect to have little ducklings in April.

Rise much more fruit for your glory! Bring them under your wings…
DSC04098 People ignite dry grass and weeds to prepare the soil for a new plentiful crop.

O, Lord, clean out your threshing floor…burn out the chaff…bring your plentiful wheat in your storehouse! Come, Lord Jesus!

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