joi, 17 februarie 2011


I met Dorin, a "Goth rock” fan, who is a very good English speaker that understands the words from the songs which he appreciates. Recently, Dorin, had a suicide attempt. He ate a toxic plant that inflamed his tongue and was on the brink of death by suffocation.
20 years ago I was a "Death Metal" fan. I thought that that period of my life could not bring anything good in the new life that I have now. I didn’t think that the knowledge of rock history would be helpful someday in meetings with people like Dorin. I told him about the music he listens and then we bent over the pages of the Scripture. I was glad I was able to tell the gospel to Dorin. In the end I gave him the booklet (containing the gospel) that we have read together.
Dorin went home and told his mother about the conversation we had with him. His mother immediately came to talk to us. She was desperate. She didn’t know how to handle Dorin’s suicide attempt ...she was so scared! Cristina proclaimed the Gospel, and in the end, together, we gave her some advice on how to treat Dorin.
Just before our departure Dorin's father came to us. He said he came to greet his wife. We talked a little about the Lord with him and I encouraged him to read the brochure that we gave Dorin. It was so emotional! We barely broke from them! Pray for this family so that the salvation to come in their house and their lives to be changed in the way that they would become a strong example to those who know them!

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