marți, 22 februarie 2011

Amazing news about Helen

Helen was baptized. Thank you for your prayer. At her baptism ceremony they came: husband, children, daughter and one of the cousins. I see on her sun’s face a lot of excitement and joy for his mother. He liked to be for the first time in a Baptist church.

But I know you're curious to know what God has done in her husband life that threatened to divorce just some days before!

Her husband came to baptism ceremony... seemed disgruntled and unhappy, but... Helen told me that when they had a time alone, after the baptism ceremony, he took her in his arms and said: “Know that you were the prettiest women form the church. Now I love you even more than in a past!”

We are so glad of transformation that God brings in her family! Today in just 3 hours we have Bible study in their home! WOW!

I do not know what you understand from this story, but I know that you are wonderful people and that God will hear your prayers. This change is the fruit of your prayers.

Oh, how much I want to be near you and put my arms around you to appreciate you and to show my gratitude!

Here is the Helen's family!

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