joi, 17 februarie 2011

God is unveiling His masterpiece of redemption before our eyes!

Daniel, a blond boy with long, thick hair… He liked to show off whenever I entered his room. I met him in Iasi 12 years ago. He knew how to play guitar, but his interest for God or Scripture was not too big. When we were spending time together playing the guitar and talking about God, we each time started to talk also about extra terrestrials and human colonization from the outside. It seamed like no idea about God and His plan of redemption could reach his sinful heart and mind. We parted though with regret when he finished college and went back to the East of the country, in Suceava. I bought him a New Testament and wrote some words on the front page. While saying goodbye he took me in his strong arms for a hug…
Many years passed before I heard from him again. Two weeks ago I heard his voice on the phone. He is the executive director for operations on the ground in the airport of Bacau , another big city in the East of Romania. He is married to Carmen and has a 6 years old boy who imitates him in everything…
Passionate about fishing, he was one of the ones who led, until recently, the Association for Amateur Fishermen in Bacau . Not long after graduating, cleaning up his things, he found the New Testament I had given him. The discussions he had with me and with one other colleague came back to his mind, and life circumstances forced him this time to get closer to the Word. He begun to read, and was impressed by the personality and the way our Lord Jesus lived. One evening, he put his trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior. He begun to read even more from the Bible and also go to church. Last year he attended the conference that Josh McDowell held in Romania , and it had a wonderful impact into his life as a father. (In the picture is Daniel and his son Razvan.)
His passion for fishing took much of his time. One day, near the water, he realized he was spending so much time to catch fish, but he did nothing to „fish” souls of people. He decided to sell all his fishing tools and with that money to do something for the Lord. He had good and expansive tools, and so he earned a big sum of money. He rented an expansive hall in a hotel in Bacau and there he organized a seminary on emotional intelligence and he invited me as a speaker there. There were leader students who came, leaders from other organizations in Bacau , colleagues some of his bosses... He wanted to fish with good bait the „big fish in the pond” ... and so he did.
These days, Daniel is meeting people at the conference and tells them the Gospel. Each time he meets someone he tells me how the meeting went, and I help him from the distance to improve his method. He told the Gospel already to 2 people and is helping other Christians to tell it. He was telling into an e-mail to the ones who are his disciples: “ I spoke for about an hour and a half to a person I met. We remained friends and we both liked the discussion. We agreed that until Wednesday he takes the personal decision to follow the Lord, to pray and read 3 chapters from the Gospel of John. Don’t forget!!! Pray before the meetings that the Lord opens the heart of the person, prepares the place, be with you and give you wisdom!”
12 years ago he wasn’t interested, today he is a fisher of men and makes disciples...
It is because of people like Daniel that we have committed our lives to sharing the life-changing message of Christ with Romanian peoples. God is at work, drawing students, families to Himself and transforming a generation of future and present leaders.

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