joi, 17 februarie 2011

Helen like other romanian womens

These days I met Helen and I helped her to prepare her testimony. She shares with many people about Christ.

Helen's story is the story of many women in Romania who consistently go to another country to work for their family. She told me that there is more time to read.

"I did not understand anything of what I read from Bible. Neither in the church I did not understand anything."- she told me recently(3 months ago!).

She came to the study group for women often inconsistent because of her departures.

However, in our discussions in women’s group she heard that when you read the Scripture would be good to pray before and then you read. She heard, also, it's good to meditate on and to study the Word of God. She found all that in her travels abroad. Stand and care of elderly people in other country. She told me how God puts His word in her heart and mind, the readied passages of the day.

He recently came back into the country. He joined in first Sunday in the Baptist church in her neighborhood. She understood that there will be a baptism ceremony. She said that, to her family, wants to be baptized. Children were encouraged her but her husband threatened to divorce.

"If baptize you know that there is no way being together. The day you are baptized I bring the paper for divorce"-he said.

This Sunday Helen decides to be baptized. Pray for Helen to have peace in her house. To be a strong witness for Christ in the rest of her life.

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